The Sailboat Maker Design Challenge

On the December 1st, we did a challenge to make a boat and make it move across the basin. The boat needed to hold one marble. The boat also had to move by the wind. I was put into a group of three. We only had 15 minutes to make the boat. We used paper and cut them into pieces and we also used cardboard, tape and a stapler.

The first thing that went well is that it moved really quickly. But really, I think it didn’t really go well. Our group succeeded the challenge but some parts it didn’t go well. Firstly, the sail was tilted because the tape that held the sail wasn’t strong enough to hold the big large sail. Secondly, the boat almost sank because the water got into the cardboard on the bottom of the boat (as you can see from the picture). I found it difficult because there was only 15 minutes to create the boat. It was also hard because it also took time to decide what the design will be. I can improve on to our group’s boat by making the base of the boat bigger so the sail can be stable. We should have use the plastic bag to cover the cardboard. For this activity, I enjoyed looking at other group’s boats because it was really different from our design.

Hajime 🙂

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