Learning Buddies

Last week on Friday (Nov 25, 2016), we had learning buddies. One person have one partner and you do things together. Last week, the first grade started a unit about Exploration. So the activity we did was exploring through the school. Students in first grade had one destination that they wanted to go to. My partner wanted to go to the 14th floor ( the top floor ). Other students chose to go to the Green Roof or other places. My partner also had to take pictures when going to the 14th floor like the real explores. They took pictures of the staircase and the sign on the staircase that says”14th floor”. My partner and I went to our class and also took some pictures there. They were really impressed with the computers because they didn’t have their own computers. They only had their own I-Pad. I think my partner was very excited for this activity because it is their choice to go anywhere around the school.

Hajime 🙂

One thought on “Learning Buddies

  • December 6, 2016 at 7:55 am

    I like it how you went to the classroom it was cool. I also had a question was the first thing they wanted to do go to the 14 floor


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