This week (every week), We have been doing Robotics. We got into a pair and made a race track that you have to draw it onto two big pieces of a paper. We used Mbot to go through the race track.

My partner and I drew the race track onto a planning book. After we planned the race track, we got two two really big pieces of paper. This was the real race track that the robot is going to go onto. We used glue and glued two really big pieces of paper together. We used the pencils first to copy the race track onto the two big pieces of paper so we can erase the mistakes. After we finished with the race track, we used the marker to make the lines clear. Finally, We used our own computers to program the robots. My teacher told us to not to use the Line Follower. My partner and I only got through a part of our programming stage. We are really excited when we finished the programming stage.

Hajime 🙂

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