My Survey for 4B’s Favourite Sports

This picture on the top is a graph that I have created. My question that I asked to the students was  “ What is your favourite sports that you like”. I collected the data by using a chart. The chart show the choices and how many students picked that choice. I have used tally marks because it was easy to count with it. I also wrote all the names of my class so I wouldn’t ask the same person again. When I asked a student, I cross their name. I sometimes forgot and had to remember who I asked.

When I finished asking all the students, I went to this website named “Create a Graph Classic” to create a graph. The students have to pick one of the choices; Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis and others. Soccer got 6, Basketball got 2, Hockey got 2, Tennis got 3, others got 11.

The scale was 11 and the range was 9. Most was others and least was Basketball and Hockey

Hajime 🙂

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