The Scramble Of Africa (History week)

Long time ago at Africa, people from other countries was competing to take over the land. They had a meeting of what country will take how much land at Africa, but they the other country was still fighting. So each country, they sent a explorer to take over the land. Other counties did the same thing too. Countries tried to take over Africa with explores. Over 500 tribes from many other countries tried to take over the land of Africa. Some countries accomplished to take some part of Africa and some didn’t. The country who accomplished to take part of the land used it as mines to find diamonds and emerald. They also found a type of ore called Coltan. This ore helps make phones like I phone, I pad and Mac.

People around the world tried to get the land of Africa because at Africa, there is many resources than other lands and country. People around the world want to get more resources than other countries. So it means that the countries are competing each other.

This happened for many times and finally all the country now decided the space were equal. If you go to google maps and look at Africa, the most borders are straight.

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