The History of Robotics (History Week)

Long time ago, some of the first robots were made. The robot helped people. Some of the robots are a water collector. When the electricity was invented, a robot that looked like a doll helped people writing words, sentences, and even a story.

Now, High-Tech robots do everything. Some robots help car company make cars faster. Unlike the old robots, they are automatically controlled. They are also reprogrammable so they can do many different things. Some robots are at Hospitals. They help the nurse and the doctor for when surgery is needed. Some robots work at your house. A automatic floor cleaner cleans the floor instead of your parents using the mop every week.

These robots were made because it is faster than the humans doing work. It is also easier because it can help other people. It can be also used at school for educating other students around the world.

This invention helped everyone and everything to get faster and easier for the humans around the world from babies to elderly.

Hajime (^_^)

One thought on “The History of Robotics (History Week)

  • November 6, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    Hi, Hajime.
    Your theme is very interesting for me. 
    You will study at school and work with High-Tech robots.
    Human can live with a robot in the near future.
    Let’s think what is necessary for you in the future.

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