Reflective Writing: Robotics

This is a Reflective writing about the robotics. The picture is the half way through of my coding. The coding will make the robot dance. The coding that I did looked long but it isn’t really long when you see the robot dance. I wanted the robot to forward and backward, turn right and left, show images on the screen and beep tones. I think that if the robot does the thing that you wanted to do, I it would be great. The coding was so long that it was very slow at loading.


The thing that went well is that the robot did the thing that I wanted the robot to do. It was very cool and my friends and my classmates watched everyone’s robot. It was sometimes funny because the robots crashed each other.


The challenges that I had was not much because the blocks are the same thing as Scratch so it was kind of easy for me but I had some problems. When we finished the coding, it was very hard to save the work on your computer. It was also hard to know what to make the robot dance.


I felt very easy and happy about the coding and the movement of the robot. I felt really happy because it was very long and I was proud of it.


I knew how to code on Scratch but I learnt a new way of coding to move a robot. It was fun and exciting to learn the robot. It was also easy to learn how to code a robot and a computer. I also learned that the app that we used for coding was the company that made Scratch.



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