The #2 Blog post

This week, the things that I have found interesting was the robot programming and the Woodworking with a famous woodworker named Wong Tin Yan. For Robotics, we used a robot so we can program it on the computer.

Firstly, about the robot, we learned and did complex steps to do the programming for the robot. We plugged in a USB and did some other steps. When we started programming we had to check so if the computer is sending signals to the robot. We programmed a simple thing that the robot can do. If it doesn’t do the thing that it told the computer, that means the computer and the robot would not move or do anything.

For the woodworking, we worked together with Me, Jacob, Jeffrey, Alec, Eden and Daphne worked as a team to build a house but we didn’t finish it. We learned and used tools to stick, cut and curve wood. We used a lot of tools to stick, cut and curve wood. We used a Japanese sword and a American sword.

This week was very fun and exciting!!!

Hajime 🙂

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