The time has come that I have to choose my instrument. I’m overall not a great decision-maker so this was kind of hard, but I managed to rule them out and choose my favorite. I was originally going to do the clarinet but a lot of people were doing it so I decided to do something that was different then other people. Another one I was considering doing is the flute, I know a lot of people wanted to do it but the flute and the clarinet both sounded amazing to me. As for the rest I never really considered doing the tuba, baritone or trombone, although I did listen to this which is amazing. I didn’t do the tuba, baritone or trombone because I don’t really like the sound they make and I wanted an instrument that I like listening to. Here is the baritonetuba, and trombone.  The reason I did not really look into those three that much is because they did not really interest me at all at first and I didn’t want to try to make the decision harder so I went with choosing between trumpet and saxophone. I chose saxophone because when I researched why either of them would be better these were the results, also I like the sounds the saxophone more. Trumpet Saxophone. The top ten reasons for the saxophone sounds a lot better than the trumpet.

The saxophone is a woodwind musical instrument made of brass. The tip of the instrument flared upwards, to form a bell. There are twenty holes along the tube in different sizes., the holes are covered in keys that have leather patches underneath so when they are closed they produce the sound. Link. When putting a sax together you start by moistening the reed by placing it on your tongue, then you line that up with the mouthpiece. Then you slide the ligature onto the mouthpiece and tighten it, the ligature is a little gold ring. Then you apply cork grease to saxophone neck and put the assembled mouthpiece on it. Then you pick the saxophone up and hook it to the neck strap. Then using a back and forth motion you attach the neck to the body and your done. link. Heres a really good video I found on how to clean it, it’s super detailed and clear so I know exactly what to do.

The instrument I chose to use is the saxophone and at first, I did not really listen to the saxophone until my dad suggested I should do it. Once I listened to it I knew I wanted to do it though. This is the first link I looked at.  I also hope that the article was right and that it is easy to play. I am really happy I chose the saxophone because it sounds so nice and even looks awesome. Some of the good reasons I chose to play the saxophone are for starters they are super relaxing and the sound is nice and smooth, another reason is they apparently improve memory and academic skills. I’m excited to see if these reasons are good reasons when I start playing.

你好!我是辛菲菲,这是我的横梁设计。我画了金色的龙和红色的凤凰。龙和凤凰代表strength in relationship。龙是Yin,凤凰是Yang。我画了金色的龙,因为金色龙代表财富和繁荣。我画了红色的凤凰,因为在中国红色和金色有很多的意思。我画了竹子,因为竹子代表优雅和正直。

Hi, I’m Phoebe, this is my beam design. I drew a gold dragon and a red phoenix. The dragon and phoenix represent the strength in a relationship. The dragon means yin, and the phoenix means yang. I drew a gold dragon because gold dragons represent wealth and prosperity. I drew a gold phoenix because in China red and gold has a lot of meaning. I drew bamboo because bamboo represents elegance and integrity.


Today we had to perform our ignite talk which we have worked for a couple weeks on now. We planned, wrote a script and then performed. I wrote mine about our world plastic problem and how we all need to take action and raise awareness about this issue.

I learned how to perform in front of others and how to write a persuasive text with a planner and then write a script and memorize the script using cards to help. For the speech part, I learned how to stand right and how fast to speak. I also learned about when to pause and how to build up to a pause. In writing, I learned how to use persuasive words and strategies to make you feel believable, relatable and much more.

I think that I used facts and examples to support my writing. I also spoke without fidgeting too much and did not say ‘like’ or ‘um’ when I was confused. I think I need to improve on my expression and emotion. I also could have been more connected to my audience. I also could have looked less at my flashcards.

Link to video:

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In class yesterday, we had to design then create a prototype of a glasses case that fulfilled Ms. Cheung’s needs and what she likes. Then we had to sell the case to her with good marketing and facts. First, we brainstormed ideas on a piece of paper and gathered our materials that we were gonna use. Then, we thought of different ideas for what we could do to make it better. We used a tin pan, cardboard and popsicle sticks for the base. After we got the shape down, we decorated and glued it together. We also added tape and re-used plastic on the bottom to make it float.

Once we had finished the case, we had to fill out a paper which had our marketing ideas and facts. We did not have much time to practice the way we were selling it, so when we were selling it, it was not very good. During this process, we had to work together and take on different roles to contribute to our final product. We also came up with different ideas that helped it along the way. We had to cooperate, communicate, commit and sometimes even be risk-takers. Our final product worked properly, it was not that nice but it had some good aspects like, floating and being able to open and close using a button and string.

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In dance, we had to make groups and put together dance elements that we learned this year and last year. At the beginning of the year, we learned how to do lifts, where you have a certain position where you can lift the other person without getting hurt. Last year we learned things like around the world or where you move your hands in one movement where you can place it somewhere or move your partner’s hand. When created the dance we had to express passion in it and have lots of elements that mix together. When we were practicing we got to choose music to go with our dance. In our dance, we had to work well with each other to put the dance together, if we did not someone could have gotten hurt or our dance would be ruined.

We performed our dances in front of the class and our teacher at the end of dance before the winter break. It was very interesting to see other peoples dances and to learn what we could have done better. Here is our dance

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From the start of the year, we have been learning how to play ukuleles in PA. We learned how to strum, move our fingers, lots of different strum patterns and how to chuck. Over the weeks we played different songs until we were ready to choose a song that we would sing and play to in front of Ms. Butler. I chose the song Little Talks by Monsters and Men, I thought it was hard at first but after I practiced it got easier and easier. We had to get the song on ukutabs and choose strum patterns to play along with the notes. We also had to learn the lyrics of the song and the tune. We had a while to learn it and practice, luckily I have a ukulele at home that I used.

When we had to perform the song, we got 10 minutes to practice. I was nervous beforehand but during the song, I felt fine. When I played the song I messed up a bit and I had mistakes but I also had good parts. Next time I’m playing I will learn from my mistakes and challenge myself with harder strum patterns. I will also try to keep playing at home and now that I know the basics of ukuleles I can play so many songs with all the strum patterns I have learned.

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Tomorrow is our last day at school, which is a DDD and a half day. After that its the winter break! Here are two reflections from what we have been doing.

First is about math, we have done tons of math on fractions and decimals. I think that I have learned lots more in math and about multiplication and division, I also managed to challenge myself with long division and bigger multiplication problems. This year and last year were the only two years that I have liked math. I have been doing differently on the tests we have been doing and I hope to keep on improving throughout this year and prepare myself for upper school.

Secondly, since the beginning of the year I have been trying to improve my writing which was also my goal in grade 5. I have learned that doing it on the computer is wayyyy easier but I know that I still have to practice on paper, also that having a really good plan is a key part in writing. I have improved a bit since the beginning but I know that I will always have to keep trying to improve and I will eventually achieve my goal which would be being better in spelling, punctuation and usage of words.

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Heyyy guys! So I know it’s almost the first day of grade 6 and I have not made a post about it yet. My last post about grade 5 (other than Chinese) was in January… I have done lots since then, such as a fashion show with robots, we wrote historical fiction, we had math lessons on time and a big science unit.

For science, we did loads of things on how lemons can power lights and we tested the brightness of the light. The photo above will be what my group did. The historical fiction took a long time to do, we had to plan and draft and do the final on the computer. At the end of the year, we had a small lesson on mean medium and mode. Finally, the fashion show where we made a costume and went down a runway with robots dressed the same.

I thought this year was amazing and I met so many new people. I’m gonna be in 6E and I can’t wait. Thank you especially to my amazing teacher Ms. Laura! Thanks so much for reading and see you in grade 6!