Ukulele Your Choice – Finished Song – Low Rider

Here is the audio of my created music. The name of the original song is called Low Rider.

I answered the google form. For the first question, how is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? I answered ‘The bass is the same and I figured out where to put it. The cowbell is the same, and what I did is I recorded a single cowbell note. Then I copied it and organized it the way the song goes. At the beginning of the song, I did a drum roll like the one in the real song. I did this because it helps lead into the song. Like the real song, I also fade out all sounds at the end. ‘

For the second question, how is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? I answered “Since the drumming in Low rider is difficult, I used two drummers from Garageband to make it sound as close to the song as possible. The real song does not have a ukelele or piano, but I put both of them. I put the ukelele in the background to help when there are no words. I put the piano in to compliment the ukelele, It also compliments the bass and saxophone. Since I am also creating this for a friend, I changed the words in the song. To make it still sound good, what I did was I kept the same amount of syllables. I also tried to keep the words as similar as possible.”

For the third question, Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use… I answered ‘I had to use the digital instrument multiple times, such as in the cowbell. I had to play around with the drum sounds until I found the right one, then I recorded one of them. For the drumroll and the drumming after the drumroll, I found two sounds, one that sounds like a tick and the other that sounds like a tock. I listen carefully to the song and then I organized it in the right order. Over time, I have learned how to listen carefully to different instruments.’

For the fourth question, Time management for your project… I answered ‘I would work on it two or three times a week, in the beginning, it started off slow. As the song became more developed, I became more interested in creating it. In the beginning, it was hard to be motivated because it does not sound good at the beginning. I felt that I fell behind then, but with encouragement, I caught up.’

For the fifth question, Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time). I answered ‘For this project, I think My independent learning improved. This time I was more responsible at getting the projects in, on time. I felt that I have put all my heart and effort into this project and as a result, I think it came out better than my previous unit.’

Overall, I think that this project is better than the last one. I think I’ve had more understanding of the different components, I answered the questions on the quiz better. I feel since I chose the song I am doing, that it made me want to do better and get a better grade.

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