My Ukulele Summative *Perfect – Ed Sheeran*

Hi Readers,

This is the ukulele recording that I have been doing for the past couple weeks in music class, this is my recording and reflection.


My recording of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” is not exactly the same as the original version recorded by Ed Sheeran, mainly because I was using a ukulele and he was using a guitar. However, my recording and the original do have some parts in common, for example, in my recording, although I did not use any individual notes as he did, I still used the chords on the ukulele that sounded like a chord that he used on the guitar. Another thingmy recording and his song had in common were that neither of our recordings had any drums included. I pointed this out because, at the start, I was thinking of adding a lot of extra instruments such as the drums. But most of the instruments I was using didn’t sound right with the song so I took them out and just kept a bit of the piano in addition to my singing and the ukulele.

My recording of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” is not exactly the same as the original version recorded by Ed Sheeran. A big reason for this is that Ed Sheeran used a guitar and implemented a lot of editing in his song. But in my song, I only had to edit where the chords were and play the piano. In addition to this, my finger was fractured so I had to get Mr. O’toole to help with the chords. This resulted in the chords occasionally sounding unnatural and out of place in the song. Also, as a result of Mr. O’Toole having to do the chords for me, I couldn’t use any strum patterns which would have sounded better. In addition to this, Ed Sheeran used some notes on the guitar in his song, however, I was unable to do this as I couldn’t figure out what notes to use and it just didn’t sound good with the ukulele.

I didn’t really use any ukulele skills in my recording as I fractured my finger and had to get Mr. O’Toole to help me with recording my chords (and then I edited them into place). However, before I fractured my finger, I managed to memorise the strumming patterns and chords for the song I recorded, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. At first, I was good a doing the chords but I would occasionally mess up while switching and my greatest challenge was my strumming. This is because I have never been a great strummer and it has always been a challenge for me.

I didn’t really have any real trouble with editing on garage band, this is because this exact thing has happened to me earlier this year when I sprained my finger and had to get Mr. O’Toole to help me with my recording of Amazing Grace. However, although I deleted most of it, I used a lot of different instruments in my recording at first, such as the drums, piano, acoustic guitar, and even a bit of string ensemble. Although it didn’t take me long to get a hand of using the keys on my keyboard as the notes of the different instruments, it was quite hard to know what notes to do for each instrument and put them in time.

I didn’t have very good time management, this was because I was constantly changing the song I was going to do and when I chose a song I would spend a lot of time on learning the chords and strum patterns for it and then I wouldn’t understand what to do and so I would change my song. Although I only changed my song twice, this still resulted in lots of time lost and so I was very rushed to get it done before the deadline. Apart from this, I feel like when I found my last song, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, I was quite efficient in getting my work done and I managed to hand my work in before the deadline.

I think that on this particular project, I think that I was quite responsible with getting my recording done by the deadline. However, on the other hand, I was slightly irresponsible with getting things done and spreading out my work. A big reason for this was that I kept on changing my song and this resulted in me not getting things done on time and spreading out my work. This resulted in me really having to rush to get the final product of my recording done by the deadline.


My Instrument for Grade 7

I chose a trumpet.

How to clean a trumpet: Mouthpiece: Put your mouthpiece in warm water. Add some household dish soap, and let it sit there for a few hours. Take a toothpick and scrape the inside walls of the mouthpiece. Hold the mouthpiece under running, warm water, while you press the toothpick steady, against the inside walls of the mouthpiece.  Hold the toothpick steady, while you rotate the mouthpiece. do the same on the on both ends. Repeat and do it several times. Make sure to have the water running and let it rinse for some time after you are done with the toothpick, in order to really rinse the dirt out.

Marshmallow Tower Challenge

Hey there Readers,


Today 6E did a really fun activity called, “The Marshmallow Tower Challenge”. What we had to do was, make a tower with 1 meter of string and tape, 20 straws, and 1 marshmallow. Our objective was to build a tower and make it stable enough to be able to put a marshmallow on top of it in 20 minutes and the tallest tower would win – if a tower fell over then it would be measured to the highest point.


So anyway, we were split up into teams. My team included Allison, Darren, Rhea and me, we were on team 2. In the end, we won second place, 6 centimeters behind team 4 who won first place. All the other teams tried their best but all of their towers fell over.


Now, my team had no leader and I think that helped us so that we all had an equal say and that really helped us when we built our tower, and if we did have a leader I think that we would never have been able to all share our amazing ideas so I feel like everyone’s ideas were listened to and well received during the challenge and I think that my team was very collaborative during the activity and everyone was equally included.


Also, I think that my team didn’t really have a plan – even though we tried to make a plan at the beginning by trying to draw it out – but I mean that as a good thing because we were really good at improvising and going with the flow however when we tried to make the tower extra tall towards the end it started to fall so we stuck to the previous version.


Finally, I learned that I am great at improvising in pressured situations and that I work quite well in groups with new people.


Ok, that’s it for this post, Bye!




My New Grade 6 Life

Hi Readers,

I know it has been a while. However, I have a new update on school, I am now in Grade 6Elements (an awesome name that the class chose) and my teacher is Ms. Cheung she is really fun and nice and I am really excited about Grade 6 as it is the oldest grade so all of the younger students will look up to us.

Ok, I really have nothing else to say so I am done but keep posted to get the latest updates, Bye!

5E’s Epic VR Experience

Hey there Readers,

The other day 5E had VR time. We have had 2 sessions of VR so far. Our VR sets are like the normal VR goggle shape but we put iPods in the front to see the VR. First, you choose your topic, then your guide takes you through the scenes of that particular topic and reads out some fun facts. The first time we did VR, I was in a group with Azzy, Jessica, Calum, and Darren. First, we chose Jessica as our guide, then we got started on our first topic, The Black Death. The second time we did a topic that I forgot the name of but it was basically how we see different compared to animals, for example, we got to see dog vision, dolphin vision, and dragonfly vision. Then it was time to finish up so we packed up and finished. The second time we did VR, I was in a group with Takdeer, Calum, Josh, and Declan. I was the guide and we just did random stuff like the northern lights and stuff. So that’s it for now,      thanks for reading, Bye!

Creating Patterns

Hey there Readers, 

Today 5E did a math activity in which we talked about creating different types of patterns in small groups or alone. I was in a group with Lauren and Veronica. Our task was to “Make a geometric pattern using a different number of square tiles for each term” and then describe our pattern. The pattern on the right is ours. Our pattern basically adds 1 tile to each colour every term so it goes 2×2, then 2×4, then 2×6, then, finally  2×8. So that’s it for now readers, Bye!



The Kids4Kids Fashion Show

Hey there Readers,

The other day grade 5 did a fashion show, a lot of people payed for tickets to come and all the money that was raised went to the Kids4Kids charity (which is 1 of the 4 main charities that CDNIS supports) and it was supported by them too so that’s why I called it “The Kids4Kids Fashion Show”. So anyway, these past few weeks we have been creating different outfits with given materials in groups and create a “theme” for our outfits. We also had too choose 1 person from our group to be the model and wear the outfit and 1 person to help them out just before they walked the runway. My group included Asrya (Azzy), Shiv, Takdeer (Tak) and Sarah. Our group was given bubble wrap and our “theme” was “Air”, we chose Azzy as our model.Anyway, long story short, our group made an amazing outfit and Azzy looked great. So I guess that’s it, for now, readers, Bye!

My Chinese New Year Holiday

Hi again Readers,

For the past 1-2 weeks CDNIS has been having CNY (Chinese New Year) holiday. I went to Whistler, Canada with my family. My older brother James lives there because he has a job there. For the first couple days the snow was really bad but then there was a huge snow storm for 1-2 days and by the end of it there was 20-25 centre metres of new snow and it was really fun. I skied that week. Then, that Saturday, there was another huge snow storm. The next week I snowboarded and that Wednesday my friend Tim and his family came to stay with us. That Saturday I went skiing with James, Tim and Tim’s dad. Then, that Sunday, my family and I had to leave but Tim and his family stayed at our house for several days. So that was my CNY break. Thanks for reading, Bye!