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A few things that stuck out to me in my research for aspects of good educational apps were 1. Start off with a single element/purpose. Don’t go into the app with the idea that it will be for video calling, and posting photos, and playing mini games, pick one area and start there. 2. Meet a universal need, such as food and shelter, safety and security, connection and belonging, recognition and appreciation, and skill mastery, achievement and freedom. 3. Give people motivation to use and work on their app, done through letting them set goals, track progress, and receive achievements.

I also analysed some of the world’s most popular apps, and found a few common features. Firstly, they are simple, with a clean layout – consistent colour scheme, easy navigation, etc.  Secondly, there is only one idea to the app. (BBC is all reading news. Spotify is all listening to and sharing music.) Lastly, they allow for people to connect with each other, be it through commenting, messaging, sharing, etc.

The things that I have underlined above are the main points that carry on into developing my own app. I have learned what to avoid, and how I should set up my app and what features to include, to make it the most successful. This app (multiplication) is making use of the universal need for skill mastery and achievement. I will stick to a simple colour scheme of perhaps blue (one of her favourite colours) and a simple colour such as white. The navigation will be simple, with only one menu section that is clearly labelled with few pages. You will try to beat your high score, achieving a goal, and will be able to share your score with your friends to compare.

6 thoughts on “My Educational App – Design

  1. I like how you explained clearly how you want your app to look like and how your app will be created. I wish that you could’ve talked more about who your client is and what your client wants you to create. That would help us understand what you are creating and what age range this client might be in. What if, (like Vicky said above) if you added a character into the game. It would give you more of an audience that will come and download your game that would not only be your specific client.

  2. I like how you included all the very important parts about how to create a good app, I especially like your idea of giving people motivation to use an app, and how you can do that by setting achievements, points, etc. I wish that you could make your app more customisable, so that it’s even more fun for your audience to play with. What if you added notifications to your app, so that if your audience hasn’t been on it, you send them a notification to tell them that they need to practice their multiplication more.

  3. I really like how neat and organized this is. You did a really good job at explaining everything that you have learned, and I could clearly see your thought process.
    I wish that you had given a few actual examples of apps that you had tested, just so I could learn a bit more.
    What if next time you gave a bit more detail as to which apps you were investigating.

  4. I like that your app is being shown in a way that is very clear for people to understand, and easy to use and to navigate. I wish you had explained to your audience a little bit about who your client is for the app. What if you explained the topic a bit further, and went into more detail with that aspect of it. I think that you’ve done really well. Well Done! 🙂

  5. Hey Emma!

    What I quite like about your app concept is that it’s presented in a very clear and concise manner, and quite closely follows the tips and structures that you mentioned above in your research section. This clearly shows that you understood what you had researched and am effectively implementing it into your own design process. Something that could be better, or could be included, would be a specific mention of who and what your app is actually targeted at. Multiplication is a very broad subject and it would be beneficial to narrow it down to a smaller topic, such as grade 3 multiplication, multiplication with 1 digit, etc. Other than that, I think you did very well in this area of the design process!

    -Alice 🙂

  6. I like your idea of creating a simple app design so that it isn’t too distracting or confusing to the user so that they can learn how to use it quickly but also adding in some of her favorite colors (like blue) to keep their mind interested in the app. I wish that in addition to being able to share your high score, maybe you could add leaderboard so it’s easier to see who’s on the top instead of just sharing your scores back and forth all the time. What if you added a character that she likes into the app so that it’s sort of like they’re encouraging her to keep going and to make it more interesting for her to use, it might get her to use it more.

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