December Tests Reflections

Theory Test
On my theory test, I did better than I expected. I was expecting to get a 4 or 5 because I didn’t understand what key signature was. It turns out I got almost everything correct apart from the key signature questions. That raised my mark to a 6. Overall, I am happy of my mark  but I will learn what key  signature is because it must be important in music. I think for my next test I should revise and make sure I know and understand everything I need to know.

Playing Test
I think that for the playing test I could have done better. I got 2 notes wrong in the first line. I tried mastering these notes by playing them by themselves but I didn’t connect them to their surroundings during my practice so during the performance, that is definitely something I need to remember for the future. I knew all the notes and played the rest quite well I think. What I think I did pretty well was getting the flat correct. During my practice I kept on struggling when I came to the flat but in the recording, I think I did better.

Notes with Stem – Stem Direction

Here is the Worksheet:

Photo on 1-11-14 at 3.40 pm


I thought that this worksheet was easy I got it all correct and I finished it quite fast and as soon as I read the rules I immediately understood them. The only thing that I was wondering about was on the 2/8 note, what if both stems are the same distance from the middle what do you do. I learnt that it is totally up to you. Something I did not know before was both stems have to go in the same way. I thought that they could go in opposite directions. Overall I think I did Quite well on this.

Name the Notes 3

Here is my work for Name the Notes 3:

Photo on 1-11-14 at 3.41 pm


I think that on this worksheet I did well. I got only 5 wrong. I think that sometimes why I got it wrong is in the middle of each line sometimes it would change to bass clef or it would change to Treble clef. I think that I should pay more attention to that. I think that I should also try to learn to recognize a note immediately when I see it. It takes me some time when I have to count from E or G. Overall I think that I did quite well and my goal for next time is to try to get maximum 3 wrong.



Name the Notes 1 and 2

Here is #1:

Photo on 26-10-14 at 11.12 am #2

Here is #2:

Photo on 26-10-14 at 11.18 am



I think that on both I did well but there are somethings I could definitely work on. I took lots of time for naming each note because  evert time I had to count from the notes I could immediately identify. For example if you give me any note i will have to start counting from E or G to find it which took me quite some time. Otherwise I can easily identify sharps,. flats, normals. At the end I got most of them correct.

Rhythms Sheet 2-3

Sheet 2:

Photo on 9-10-14 at 7.04 pm #2

Sheet 3:

Photo on 9-10-14 at 7.04 pm

I think that on these sheets I did quite well. It wasn’t too hard. I got 3 errors both sheets combined. I knew my stuff and my 3 mistakes were careless. I think were I could have done better is recheck my answers before saying that I finished it. I could probably have lost at least 2 errors right there. That is basically what I would fix. What I think I did well was took my time to think. I wasn’t in a rush. I didn’t take my time to double check my answers though. I took my time to think the problem through.