December Tests Reflections

Theory Test
On my theory test, I did better than I expected. I was expecting to get a 4 or 5 because I didn’t understand what key signature was. It turns out I got almost everything correct apart from the key signature questions. That raised my mark to a 6. Overall, I am happy of my mark  but I will learn what key  signature is because it must be important in music. I think for my next test I should revise and make sure I know and understand everything I need to know.

Playing Test
I think that for the playing test I could have done better. I got 2 notes wrong in the first line. I tried mastering these notes by playing them by themselves but I didn’t connect them to their surroundings during my practice so during the performance, that is definitely something I need to remember for the future. I knew all the notes and played the rest quite well I think. What I think I did pretty well was getting the flat correct. During my practice I kept on struggling when I came to the flat but in the recording, I think I did better.

Bb Major Scale Recording and Reflection

I think that I did O.K on this one but near the end the notes were just stacking on top of each other. In the end it was going ta ta ta really hard and choppy. I got all the notes although at a point I kink of stopped but then I just ignored and continued playing. If I do it again I think that I would try to play a bit more clear and try to make the noted flow. I think that I did well on just skipping the mistakes and pretending they were never there.