What I Learnt From Design Day

From design day I learnt what makes a good logo. A good logo has to be simple and original. Don’t put thousands of colours have no more than 2 maximum 3. Don’t have so much design. Take the apple sign. It’s silver and it’s only an apple but still it’s a good logo. I also learnt how to use photoshop. I already knew how to edit photo’s and play with the opacity but I never knew that you could draw and make shapes on photoshop. For example now I know how to take any shape and stretch it into a random weird looking shape.

Arts of Persuasion- Planning Post

How can I apply the design process to create a personal logo?

I think I can apply the design process in creating a logo by starting by Inquiring and analysing. You can analyse what type of person you are, what you like, and other stuff that represent you. Then the next step in developing ideas. You cross out the ideas that you don’t like and you develop the most important parts of your logo. Then for creating a solution you plan it out. You create the image of the logo.