Design Criterion D Reflection

During this design project I learnt many aspects of making packages. Some I learnt the easy way, some I learnt by restarting my package with a new plan. The most important thing I learnt was that when you are testing something, test it properly. When I had finished my plan and starting my Criterion C I needed to test my package out. I printed my 2d net out I folded it quickly without paying much attention. Since it was on a smaller scale, I didn’t see that there were issues with folding so when I made my package on a bigger piece of paper, it didn’t fold properly. Another important thing I learnt is that what will convince someone the most to buy something is aesthetics. A package might have a really simple shape but a really nice design and people will notice it and possibly buy it. Another package might have a really cool and unique shape but be just plain red and people might notice it because it blends with the rest. For something to be bought it needs to be noticed first. Finally, the third important thing I learnt is that you don’t need as many adhesives as you think. When I first made my package I had tape on every edge of my package and every time I needed to add something on I just stuck tape on. After realising that my package wouldn’t work, I remade my package and I saw that I could remove and replace it with a hole and flaps and it would replace the tape. Over this design project, I learnt many important aspects on the designs of packages.

Design Day Post

Today, we had to try and package a fruit. This was good because soon we are going to have to package something more complex. I found it quite hard to package a simple apple so I think it’s going to be very difficult to package something complex. At firs I thought that we would just have to figure our way through but then I realised there was much planning behind a simple package. I realised that it was very hard to create a package using only materials that could be recycled. Here is a picture of my apple packaging.




Name the Notes 3

Here is my work for Name the Notes 3:

Photo on 1-11-14 at 3.41 pm


I think that on this worksheet I did well. I got only 5 wrong. I think that sometimes why I got it wrong is in the middle of each line sometimes it would change to bass clef or it would change to Treble clef. I think that I should pay more attention to that. I think that I should also try to learn to recognize a note immediately when I see it. It takes me some time when I have to count from E or G. Overall I think that I did quite well and my goal for next time is to try to get maximum 3 wrong.