Service Day Refletcion

Overall, I thought that today was really fun because we were able to learn a lot by doing fun outdoor activities. At first, when we were told that the boat trip and the beach cleanup was cancelled, I was expecting a very boring day ahead. We started out the day by brainstorming questions and listening to Boyan Slat’s plan to clean the ocean from plastic. Then we had someone from Plastic Free Seas to come in and give a presentation explaining how plastic is coming into the ocean and how we need to stop it. I found this presentation very interesting and it really impacted what I think. I never knew that so much of our plastic waste goes straight to the ocean. Then, we did a mini lab where we used microscopes to zoom in on plankton samples. I found this really cool because planktons are actually transparent and there eyes are huge compared to their bodies. Then, we went on a hike near the Aberdeen Marina Club near the harbour where we were looking into the water to see if the water was dirty and if we could distinguish any signs of plastic. We saw so much plastic in the water and we found out that all the plastic waste that was on the side walk, when it rains, it falls into the sewage which goes straight to the ocean water. We also crossed the fish market and it was really dirty and so much waste was thrown straight back into the ocean. It smelled really bad and the floor was full of waste. This walk really enabled us to see what everything we learnt from the presentation looks like. Overall, I found this day a fun way of teaching us the impacts of plastic waste.

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