CAS Week Learner Profile Reflection

This CAS trip to Sabah, Malaysia has enabled to me demonstrate many IB learner profiles. The first night in Sabah, we met the guides and learnt the ground rules. All of the guides were really nice. For next two days we did a lot of service, we built a volleyball court and made a shelter for local schools mixing a total of fifty five tonnes of concrete by hand. The next day, we went on a three hour long jungle trek into the forest where we had to set up our own hammocks and sleep in the jungle. We were giving limited food so we had to manage the food and make sure there was enough food for every meal. The final day, we did two fun activities. First, we did some white water rafting and then we ended the day with zip line. Overall I found this trip really fun.


This reflection will be covering two examples of when I demonstrated IB learner profiles during this CAS trip. First, I will be explaining on how I demonstrated Risk Taking and then I will proceed by explaining how I demonstrated Communicating. I demonstrated Risk Taking many times throughout the trip. One of the most memorable moments when I demonstrated Risk Taking was when we went on the jungle trek, our group needed two leaders who decided when our group was going to take breaks and how we were going to organise the food. I volunteered to be a group leader and it demonstrated Risk Taking because I don’t often show my leadership skills.


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The second IB learner profile that I demonstrated during this CAS trip was Communicating. I really demonstrated my Communicating skills was when were were building the volleyball court and shelter. We were building with students and teachers from CDNIS but locals were also involved to make sure that we were doing everything correctly. If we were unsure about something that teachers probably couldn’t answer we would need to find ways to Communicate with locals and get information back. I also demonstrated my Communication skills when I was one of the two leaders. We needed to discuss things and then pass the information to the group. This involved talking to about 20 people which is not what I do on a daily basis. Thus I was demonstrating Communicating skills. Overall, this CAS trip to Sabah, Malaysia has been really fun and has enabled me to demonstrate myself as a communicator and a Risk Taker.


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