Greatest Song Ever Questions

What did you learn about Finale?
I learned how to use articulation, expression and how to add slurs, crescendo and decrescendo. To add articulation you have to click the articulation option, click where you want articulation and then choose what type of articulation you want. To add expression, the concept is the same. It is the same process. To add slurs, you double click where the slur starts and double click where the slur ends. For crescendo, you do the same thing. Double click where it starts and double click where it ends. For decrescendo, you double click where it ends and then double click where it starts. This is what I learned from Finale Notepad.

Did you find Finale easy to use?
At first it is quite difficult to use because there are so many things that are kind of hidden and you need to search them to find them. Then, you kind of get used to it and it is very manageable. Writing music would probably be much easier to write on paper but the thing that it very good in Finale Notepad is that you can play the music and see what it sounds like. This helps you see if anything sounds weird or unusual. Sometimes, it can be very frustrating but then you get used to it and you pretty much know where everything is.

Is there anything you found frustrating or difficult to do or find?
As I said above, at the start it is very hard to find things and you spend so much time navigating with no result. But then eventually you find it and it becomes much more clear and you know what you are doing. What I still wasn’t able to find was how to delete measures. There is a place where it says ‘delete measure but it doesn’t let me. It took me lots of time to understand how it works. Now, I am able to use Finale Notepad pretty well.

Is Finale easier than writing out the music using paper and pencil?
I think that at first it is easier to use paper and pencil. Then, when you start when you start getting used to Finale Notepad it is the same. It just depends on ones preference. What I prefer to use is Finale Notepad because you can listen to what you have made so you can listen as you are creating.

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Music Line 32 Criterion D Reflection

I think that my assessment was not very successful. I think that when I was playing at home, I was playing better than when I was playing in the test. I think that is was caused by multiple things. Firstly, my saxophone at school is different from the one I use at home. I was practicing  with my home saxophone and I didn’t have much time to adapt to the school saxophone. Next time, to avoid this from happening I could use my school saxophone to practice more often. Another thing that could have made it harder for me was that I was just coming back from the break and I hadn’t played my saxophone for 2 weeks so I had to practice a lot in one day to start playing my saxophone again right where I left off. That is not so important because I was sick before the break and I could have  made an arrangement to  play it right before the break.

For this playing test, I practiced in an unusual way. because I didn’t have much time to prepare, I practiced the fingering of the music so I could be familiar with it. Once I was familiar with  it, I played B flat major a couple times to get familiar with blowing into my saxophone again. Then, instead of going measure by measure, I played it all together and then go over the measures I had trouble with. Then, I tried playing all together and I fixed the little problems I had. When that was done, I just practiced playing the whole song until the day.

I that during this performance, the most successful part of it was note accuracy. I believe this because I hit every note in this performance. Although I did not link each note very well, I played all the notes that were on the sheet of music. The least successful part of this assessment for me was my breathing. Because the tenor saxophone is a big instrument that requires a lot of air, I was breathing a lot and inconsistently  so sometimes in my performance there were some small gaps because I was breathing at the wrong time. To improve my level of skill as a musician, I think I need to do 2 things mainly. First, I need to practice more consistently at home. Second, I need to take more from my music lesson. If I practice more at home, I will be more familiar to the music and participate more in my classes. Overall, I think that I have lots of room for improvement for this summative.