My Healthy Logo

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Grade 8 Logo Design ⼋年级徽标设计 1: 要紧随单元主题:健康饮⾷ Students are required to follow the theme: healthy diet. 2: 标语要清晰,⼀定要写中⽂ The slogan must be clear and eye catching, it must be written in Chinese. 3: ⽤ 2 分钟时间向全班汇报 Present your work in less than 2 minutes. 4: 吸取同学、⽼师的意见,改进⾃⼰的作 品 Improve your work based on the opinions from classmates and teacher. 5: 把本指引和⾃⼰的作品放进⾃⼰的 iFolio Place this instruction and your work into your iFolio.