Scarborough Fair Reflection

I think that on this playing test I did not too bad. I was practicing only this part for about 10 minutes every two days. I started by practicing 2 bars at a time. Then doubling it to 4, etc. I tried to focus a lot on where I should breathe because I had trouble with that. In my performance, I think I could have improved on the breathing. My breathing is very obvious in my final recording which makes my music sound worse. I think I could have stooped this by rehearsing the performance all in one go a bit more. This could have given me more opportunities to think when I can breathe in my performance.

I think that it was exactly what I expected. Not that easy but still very achievable. I wasn’t expecting something extremely difficult but I wasn’t expecting it to be easy either. Getting the lowest notes in the piece of music was simpler than I thought it would be. At first I thought I would need to spend a lot of time but it turned out it was quite easy. Something that was more difficult than I expected was breathing in my performance. I never really consider breathing when I play but when I listen to my recordings, it turns out it’s crucial.

Something I learned while rehearsing and executing this piece of music was that in music you need to consider every single factor. If one little thing isn’t correct, your whole recording can thrown off. It is crucial to practice every single part of the song such as breathing, practicing rests, flats and sharps, understanding how to play every single note, dynamics, accents, etc. All of these little factors can affect a music recording.

I think that my performance was okay. It wasn’t bad but it could have been relatively better. If I started practicing only the song earlier then I could have been more comfortable with executing every single note. I think that I should have paid a little more attention to the key signature because now that i look back, I think that I missed some. I think I missed the forte and piano (dynamics) during the performance. I missed some which I shouldn’t have. I learned that when I play music, I will record the piece as many times as it takes to get my performance at a good level. This was my music reflection for my recording of Scarborough fair.