End of Year Music Reflection

Playing Test
On the playing test I think that overall I could have done better. Starting with the concert Bb scale. I had practiced at home 10 minutes 1/3 days and I could play it well for quite a long time. Then that day I got into class and I couldn’t play one of the notes anymore (G). Because the sound of that note was bad, the surrounding notes were pretty bad as well so one part of the scale was completely messed up. Otherwise the rest of  the scale I played was ok. My notes were connecting, I was getting the right sound, overall pretty good.
I got a 4.

The second scale I played was concert Eb. I was pretty good with playing this scale all along. I was connecting notes together well enough to make the music sound good. I knew every single not and none of the notes was reached difficultly in this scale. I think I could have done a bit better on the timing of the note. I was playing different notes for a different length even when they were both half notes or quarter notes. This was kind of a problem. Overall, I think I did ok but I could have done a bit better.
I got a 6.

The third scale I played was concert F. I had the same problem as the first scale here. I had a problem with the note G throughout the whole song. This was again a big problem for when I was nearing the top notes. It bothered me a lot in my playing and once again, decreased my overall performance. I think that on the other side of things, I played the scale better than I played concert Bb. My notes were connecting better and it was a bit easier for me to connect notes to the G note. Overall I don’t think I did to well on this scale.
I got a 1.

The fourth and final song we had to play was Loch Lomond. I think that this was the song I played the best out of all the songs we had to play. I reached all the notes more easily and I could get all the # in properly. I did very well on anticipating the coming notes. Although this was the one I was struggling with the most before the performance  day, I performed the best on this one. There were still some problems with connecting the notes. I connected almost all of the but I think just like the other scales, I could do a bit better.
I think I deserve a 5


Theory Test
I think that I did really well on the theory test. I studied a lot at home on this test because I wanted to focus more on the theory test than on the playing  test. I did this because I a new to instrument so I knew I had more hope in the theory test so I studied a lot and made sure I knew how to do most of it.

The part I kind of messed up on the theory test is the very start where we had to count and add up rhythms. It was what I thought to be the easiest part on the theory test at the start of the year. Because it was easy for me before, I decided not to study it as much which was clearly a mistake. When I came in to the test I thought I was doing it correctly but it turns out I did most of it wrong. That is probably the main lesson I learned from this test. Always study even what you think you know well.

I think that I did good improvement on this test with the key signatures. At the start of the year I had no clue what they were so I got most of the test correct except for that part. This time I really spent time learning and understand it. I did much better on key signatures this time. I am happy about this because it shows good improvement over the school year of music. Overall, I think I did really well on this theory test.
I got a 7.

Whole Year