Reflection on Composition Unit

I think that on my melody Idid alright. From the comments I got, I think that I should  have used dynamics. I completely forgot about using dynamics. I had people mention once or twice but I don’t know why, I didn’t think of using dynamics.

I think that I chose an interesting melody/. That is what I thought personally and what other people thought. When I made my melody I tried to pass the sense of excitement.

Some other popular comments that I got on my melody is flowing. People said that in some places I make it flow really well but in other places I could have added slurs to make it sound better. Also next time I should try to avoid big bounces to make it flow more. The last thing is tempo. I had a couple comments about tempo so I should keep that in mid for next year.

Overall I think I did quite well. I really enjoyed this composition unit.