16 Bar Melody Summative

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This is the final copy. All the comments that had been given to me I used to make this final one.  My reflection for this will be coming soon.

Hope you enjoy!



22 thoughts on “16 Bar Melody Summative

  1. I quite like you melody and how it is so bouncy, I like it. Maybe you could place your crescendo’s in a better place.

  2. It is a little random but I Like the the dynamics, and you were in the different key!


  3. I found this not too bad. I didn’t really like the half notes in the middle as it slowed down what you were trying to convey. You crescendo and decrescendo were placed wrongly. You had no dynamics or tempo.

  4. I like how you made your piece jumpy and nice. It is clear and has a lot of variety.

  5. I think that your song sounded very good but there were too many big jumps between notes.

  6. I like how your music sounds really happy and your first and last notes are correct. It would be better if you added some more similar bars

  7. I like the rhythm in which you used, but some of the notes are “illegal”. For example, you are not supposed to have a eighth note in-between a sixteenth. Also, you ended in the wrong tone.

  8. I like how you put crescendo and diminuendo in your piece of music. But I think the melody is a bit, a bit weird.

  9. I like your rhythms and it sounds a bit jazzy. There is no tempo, you got crescendos but you don’t have a dynamic sign to start with.

  10. I think that you should put in a TEMPOOOOO and also a few slurs so that it can flow. But I like your rhythm, sorta good job.. I’m just kidding good job.

  11. I found the notes very strange, but the rhythms were quite interesting. The beat was light-hearted, and more staccatos and slurs would have really enhanced your melody. You are lacking dynamic, but otherwise, good job!

  12. I think that you put the notes in the right place, but you forgot the tempo. I think that you did quite good!

    Good Job!


  13. Hi Jules,

    Frankly, I don’t think your melody flows that much between the first and second half. I like that you had a sort of upbeat rhythm, but maybe you should’ve added more dynamics to enhance your rhythm.


  14. I like that you were being very creative with your rhythms but theres not tempo

  15. Slightly confused ending.
    4th bar should finish on dominate d
    Nice rythm
    Flow little more

  16. I liked the way that you used a variety of notes. It could have better if you add some “f” or “p” in between each ascending and descending.

  17. You’ve used different notes and rhythms,but your dynamics(crescendo,diminuendo) are supposed to be put below the notes,not above.

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