December Tests Reflections

Theory Test
On my theory test, I did better than I expected. I was expecting to get a 4 or 5 because I didn’t understand what key signature was. It turns out I got almost everything correct apart from the key signature questions. That raised my mark to a 6. Overall, I am happy of my mark  but I will learn what key  signature is because it must be important in music. I think for my next test I should revise and make sure I know and understand everything I need to know.

Playing Test
I think that for the playing test I could have done better. I got 2 notes wrong in the first line. I tried mastering these notes by playing them by themselves but I didn’t connect them to their surroundings during my practice so during the performance, that is definitely something I need to remember for the future. I knew all the notes and played the rest quite well I think. What I think I did pretty well was getting the flat correct. During my practice I kept on struggling when I came to the flat but in the recording, I think I did better.

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