Gymnastics Reflection

I think that on this performance I did okay. I had a really rich plan with everything I needed but when it came to performing it I was kind of lousy. I think I could have done a tiny bit better but at my gymnastics level, I did okay. Something I definitely could have done better is at the end of every movement I stopped and did the same T shape every time. i think instead of that I shouldn’t have stopped and directly gone into the next movement. Because I stopped, I made it look kind of chunky. It didn’t flow as much as I could have made it. Mine also didn’t look like the best routine ever. I should have pointed my toes a bit more in between every transition. Instead of just Jumping off the boxes, I think I could point my toes while jumping. I could even just go as straight as I can and throw my arms straight up into the air. Something else really useful that I could have done better is take my time. In the video I’m rushing through the whole performance. I’m, holding my balances for half a second when I’m suppost to hold it for 3-4 seconds. My goals for this gymnastics unit is to make it look better and flow more plus taking my time. If I did it again that’s what I would focus on.

Here is my video.
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