Gymnastics Reflection

I think that on this performance I did okay. I had a really rich plan with everything I needed but when it came to performing it I was kind of lousy. I think I could have done a tiny bit better but at my gymnastics level, I did okay. Something I definitely could have done better is at the end of every movement I stopped and did the same T shape every time. i think instead of that I shouldn’t have stopped and directly gone into the next movement. Because I stopped, I made it look kind of chunky. It didn’t flow as much as I could have made it. Mine also didn’t look like the best routine ever. I should have pointed my toes a bit more in between every transition. Instead of just Jumping off the boxes, I think I could point my toes while jumping. I could even just go as straight as I can and throw my arms straight up into the air. Something else really useful that I could have done better is take my time. In the video I’m rushing through the whole performance. I’m, holding my balances for half a second when I’m suppost to hold it for 3-4 seconds. My goals for this gymnastics unit is to make it look better and flow more plus taking my time. If I did it again that’s what I would focus on.

Here is my video.
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Music Presentation Q&A

What went well?

I think that we did well on facing the audience and speaking. We also did well on organising our presentation.

How did you interact with your group? Was there an equal division of work?

First we each got a slide or two to do and then we would swap the slides add or change stuff. We would check our work, make sure it makes sense and then confirm the slide was finished.

What aspects of your presentation would you improve if you had to do this again?

I would change the order of the slides because the order because we started with ‘Taking Care of your Instrument’ when we should be starting with ‘What is a Saxophone’ or ‘Who Invented the Saxophone’.

What presentations did you enjoy most and why? 

I think I liked the Trumpet presentation because it had lots of good info not tto much writing and it just felt like a really good presentation.

How can you improve for the next presentation?

I think I would pay more attention on what we had to put in there because we put lots of good info but we didn’t have all the info we suppost to put.

Did you learn anything from your work that you need to keep with you during the year?

Yes because I just started Tenor Saxophone and there are a lot of things I didn’t know on Saxophone and there are probably much more things for me to learn.


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