How we organize ourselves end of unit

During this unit I learned a lot. One of the important things that I learned was that public spaces usually  create new communities. Before I thought that you just go to a public space with your family/friends and thats the only reason why you go to public spaces. Now I learned that people sometimes go to public spaces to make new communities. Also before I thought that public spaces could only be plaza’s and parks. Now I think that public spaces could be in any shape: path, mall, field, etc.

What We Did

Our teacher gave us our summative assessment which had multiple steps. Step 1 was we had to go on websites and make a graphic organizer. Step 2 we had to form an observation on a public space in Hong Kong. We had to interview at least 2 users of the place. Step 3 we had to write a report on the public space we visited. Step 4 we had to redesign the public space we were working with.