Young Americans Reflection

I think that the Y.A. was a good experience especially for the people who aren’t really risk-takers. The Y.A. were not scared at all to perform on stage. They were the opposite of stage fright. I think that this “project” was really good for me because I’m usually not the person who likes to perform in front of a lot of people.

I think that if we were to do it again, I would try to be more at the front of the stage because most of the time I was kind of hiding at the back. I think that I remembered the dances pretty well because during the show I knew exactly what to do next.

Overall it was really fun and exiting. The Y.A. were really funny and nice. They were good because they taut us everything fast and efficiently. They were good at teaching because we would learn a number, slightly master it and then do something fun with the Y.A.’s. I would be willing to do it again and I kind of regret not hosting one of them because I think it would be fun to host one of them. At the same time my house already had visitors.