What I Learned at Camp

I think at camp I learned to be more of a risk-taker because I volunteered to show people how to do the wall climbing and I think that was a good practice to be a risk-taker. Also during the camp I talked to a big group of people and I got a chance to speak to people that I don’t know much or I don’t know.

I think at camp there were a few things I did well and a few things I did not so well.
What I think I did well was making new friends or being a team player in a way, being responsible, for example:
— Being on time to activities
— Having what I needed at all times
— Did not loose anything
But most important, I had Fun.

A few things I disliked, was difficult, or anxious about were:
— I was a little anxious when we had to leave I was scared to forget something.
— Self-confidence
— I could not eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner with my friends.

When it was time to go home, I felt happy and sad at the same time because I was sad to leave, but happy to see my family, cat, ETC.