Cybersafety Video

Today for homework we watched a video about being online  and  we had to write about the video.

In the beginning of the video it said us your head when your online and there was this guy instead of entering his real name he put Braniac14 which I think means don not put personal information even as simple as your name. Then there it said feel when your online and I think that meant feel for other people feel what the other people are gonna think when they see what you posted/did on there thing. Then it said be balanced online which I think there were talking about like 15% computer, 25% physical, ETC.. The 4rth one said listen online which I though was talking about listen to the things that are appropriate and the things that are not appropriate. The last one said stand and I think it meant stand up for people who are cyber bullied.

The name of the video was “Pause and Think”. I think that the video was a good video but it was missing 2 important things. 1.Don’t eat when your online. 2. Make sure your computer is set on a good surface.

Here is the link of the video –>


Video About American Guy VS Muslim Guy

We watched a video about this american guy not wanting to buy food from a Muslim. Almost all the people who were around said that he wasn’t doing the right thing and stood up for the Muslim. I think that the peoples values were care because they would all make sure that everybody was equal. I that what the video was actually trying to say is that it’s not because your skin color/ culture/ religion has done bad things  that you are a bad person.

I have a conection to real life when in my old school there was this person who would take racisism very seriously so there was not aways someone standing up for him because a lot of times people would not agree with him.

How to be Safe with Ourselves and our Laptop

Today our technology teacher gave us a lesson on how to be safe with ourselves and our laptop.

1. Never have a drink or eat with your laptop around.
It is important because Coca-Cola/water/hamburger could totally ruin your computer.

2. Everything you do on the internet can be seen by anybody.
So basically don’t post personal things on the internet because anybody could see what you wrote.

3. Make sure when you are on chat on the internet that only your friends can see your message.
For example sometimes computers do weird things and your privacy settings might be changed and anybody could see your message so make sure you check at least 1 time a month.

4. Don’t work with your laptop straight on your lap.
If you put your laptop straight on your lap while it’s in use it probably will start getting hot and it could be dangerous.

5. Never put heavy books/things on your laptop.
If you do put heavy things on your laptop because it might break if it’s to heavy and then your laptop is ruined.

6. Every 10/20 minutes of laptop time stand up look at the real world.
It is important because if you spend all your time on your laptop you will be not as healthy so basically balance your time.

My Reflection About School So Far

In math we started the year with a math project called The little book of big numbers. I think it was not to hard but at the same time not to easy because it was a lot of mental thinking and if you did one thing wrong you would have to start over.

My scores in P.E. were:
Beep Test-7.3
12 Minute Run-30-31 laps
Sit-up Test-53 Sit-ups
Standing Long Jump-1.42 Metres