Mathematics Assessment

After the Managing mark-up assessment, I have learnt how the company sells the product that could earn the biggest amount of money, for example giving out useless coupons(buy $5 off good for any purchase over 50 dollars or more) that would trick the customers into buying more of its product. From then the company could increase its profit.I have also learnt how the company would have a contingency planning and therefore, I have now become a more educated investor. I now know how to buy things with the lowest cost and I won’t get ripped off by companies. I now know how to choose a bank that would let us earn more in a short period. I would put a big amount of money from the very beginning so as that when I grow up, I could get the money out for university use. before I did this math assessment, I didn’t know much on how to find the profit that a company can earn, making tables and let excel do the math for me.After the assessment, I only need to enter the datas and can easily ask excel to do all the calculations. I started to get familiar on calculating the profit that the company earn with the formulas, gather the information and make a graph and compare it with the other.

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