Second Last Day of school ^ω^

I can’t believe that the whole grade 6 years is gone!

It has been a year of fun and challenges, plus the preparation of grade 7.

Thanks to all of my friends who have made my PYP journey so pleasant!(・ω・)ノ

thanks to all the teachers who have helped in in the past 6 years at CDNIS.

I hope grade 7 will not be that hard.

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Exhibition reflection

Exhibition reflection╮( ̄▽ ̄””)╭

For my exhibition I have been learning about pangolins and why they are being hunted. I have demonstrated a very good understanding of my lines of inquiry, I have learned how to present to other with people without being nervous because it actually is not that bad.

When working in group I cooperate well with other people, I am particularly good at working with other people because I tend not to like working by myself. The most outstanding piece of work that I have done is my laser cut pangolins because it looked really cool and I spent a lot of time doing it, I have helped other people by putting up their display and bring their display up to the LLAC.

I need to work on my presentation skills because I need to talk slower when I am presenting

Overall I think that exhibition really changed the way I thought about presenting in front of other people, and I think that I am a little more confident about presenting to people I don’t know.

Exhibition (・ω・)ノ

Hey peeps!

Sorry I have not been active for a really long time. I have a lot of thing to do with exhibition, it would really help if you could visit my blog for exhibition because it is one of my actions that I have to do.

Here is the link:


YA Reflection(^◇^)

Hey Peeps

This experience helps me be more confident because on the first day I was really shy and I wanted to be at the back because I did not want anyone to see me but on the day we performed I did not care where I was standing and I was not that shy. My favorite part of the show was the greatest showman and the lion king because it was the only part I did not mess up and because it was really fun. The greatest showman part really represented me on the inside because I just try to be myself and not care about what about other people say

When we were performing I forgot most of the dance but I listened to one of the YA’s advise and I just kept smiling and I also just kept dancing even if I knew that it was wrong. This experience was really special because it helped me gain some self-confidence and that there was nothing to be scared about on stage.

At the end of the show, I felt proud because not only did I dance and sing in the front row but I also had fun.






First Semester Reflection

As I reflect on your progress over this first semester I am interested in your thoughts about your progress.

In what area or areas do you feel you have grown the most this semester?

I think that area I have most growth in is UOI because I have learned a lot about economics since we first started this new topic. 

In what area or areas do you feel you really need to focus on more as the year progresses?

I think that the area I need to focus on is math because I still struggle a bit during math  


Chinese Migrant Workers

My Field Trip Reflection:

I think that our trip to Oxfam has taught us that the migrants workers are really poor and live in really bad conditions and they need to work in the factory in order to earn money for their family, and the people in the factory are really strict and if you do something wrong then you will have an hour or even more  working for free.I also heard that one of the workers even wanted to suicide because there was too much pressure and he said that he does not remember what home feels like because he spend too much time in the factory and he is only allowed to visit his home once a year.




Weekly Reflection for Week of Oct. 23 o(^▽^)o

Hey peeps!

     This week was a four day week because we missed a Monday, but we still managed to get a lot of stuff done like exhibition planning, robotics, guest speakers, body science and Olympian visit.

      My Favorite part of last week was exhibition because it was really fun and we did some research about what we were going to do for the exhibition and I really enjoyed it. This week we also had a para-olympian come over to our school to talk about her experience and her name was Alison Chui and she was competing on fencing.

     I think that this week was a fun week especially because of the exhibition planning and the para-olympian guest speaker.

   For Robotics we did a code to send messages to other robots and that when the robot has received the message it has to beep and blink a light that represents that the message has been received.

Here is the code we used to make the robot send and receive the message