Unit Reflection – Chinese

  1. Concept (探究说明,概念概念,探究问题)
  2. Knowledge (学科主题词语/句型/语法/课文/对话/单元知识/项目)
  3. Skill / ATL (语言技能,学习方法)
  4. Learner Profile / Action (学习者档案,行动)

I understand that through connecting with other people I will “know more about myself and find what I am interested in through setting up goals for the future”. In this unit, we have focused on ‘real life’ as in what we might be expecting to do in the future, such as; having an interview for a job etc. Something I did well this unit was understanding the texts, through translating the texts to English. Something I want to work on is listening in Chinese and knowing what someone is saying by practicing listening to Chinese radio shows, Chinese tv etc. I am a principled person because I tell the truth and I try to work with people as well as I can. Whenever I am put together with someone in the class, I try to work collaboratively and communicate well with them. I need to work on being a risk-taker because I need to begin using new words and trying new things with my writing since my style has not changed for quite a few years. I hope I work on this for the next unit and become more of a risk-taker.

My Educational App

In this design unit, our task is to create an educational app for a client of our choice. This app should be created within the mind of the client and it should also almost be entirely their ‘idea’.

Through my research I have found a lot of aspects that I will have to have in mind while I create my app. In a nut shell, I need to have my app look aesthetically pleasing, make sure it is stable and fast, it should survive in most extreme conditions, it should know it’s audience and be helpful etc.

The first thing a person does before downloading an app is seeing the icon that the app represents, obviously if it did not look aesthetically pleasing then no one would want to buy it. Also when the person opens the app, there should not be a clash of colours or a messy look because that would make that person delete the app no matter how good it might work. If the app looks aesthetically pleasing then the next thing a person would look for is if it is fast and follows all of their commands. The app should definitely not crash every time the person clicks a button. This then connects to seeing if the app can survive in extreme conditions, these conditions include clicking all of the buttons at the same time and maybe even turning on airplane mode and seeing what happens. If the app crashes every single time it means that the app needs fixing but if nothing unwanted happens then the app is perfect! Lastly, a great app should be able to know it’s users, what I mean by this is that the app needs to be unique, it should be something new that the user has not seen before. The app should be helpful and meet the user’s specific needs. A great app is an app you would want to use every day.

D-T3 Overall evaluation of personal performance

In this design project my target audience were the people who gave me feedback in the final criterion. This project can contribute to my classmates environmentally and economically, economically because if they buy my product, it will not very expensive since I did not use a lot of materials. If I used more materials then it would most likely be more expensive. Also it can contribute environmentally because my product does not use many materials that can harm the environment. My package uses blue tac and some pieces of tape which is not extremely bad for the environment so it means that I have a some what small environmental footprint on my package. The limitation of my package was that I had not thought about making the height of the equilateral triangle on my triangular prism shorter than the height of the rectangles on the triangular prism because, that would make the triangular prism be the same height all the way along when bending over the rectangles. So when I made my net I made the mistake to make it the same height. This effects the design part of the package because it results into making the handle of the package looking not like a handle exactly because of the top of the triangle sticking up. Luckily what I did in the end was just bend the tip in so it would not be noticeable. The benefit of my final package was that it was a unique and creative irregular shape that I do not think anyone else in grade 8 did, “I think your package it very creative and unique because you combined 2 3D shapes together, there are also handles which I think is also really nice.”. When I look back on my disciplinary approach towards the final product, it did not help me much because I needed more information to create a smart product. For example when I worked with the aesthetics, my product looked good but it was not smart because it had a large environmental footprint. On the other hand, when I looked at the aesthetics and the environmental consequences in an interdisciplinary approach, it did help me because I could then create an aesthetically good looking package without using materials that could harm the environment too much. These helped me create my final product because it made me think about not using many materials that could possibly hurt the environment in some sort of way. I had to think about materials that could be reused or recycled after making the product which was quite difficult in my opinion. In the end I came up with blue tac because it can be reused as many times as possible. This also helped me create my final product because I had to come up with an idea that would look good and irregular in my target audiences eyes. The final shape I chose almost looked like a handbag which I thought looked attractive because it is not a shape you would see a package look like out of the street for example. If I had to do the project again, I think I would have tried to focus on making a package that would not have any empty space inside. Because my object does not have a specific shape, it was difficult at first to find an irregular shape that could make sure that the package would not move around inside of it.

IMG_7261 IMG_8787IMG_8788

16 Bar Melody & Chord Progression – Summative

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 8.59.59 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 9.00.13 PM

Criteria C:
Before I began my composition I decided that I wanted the rhythm to be upbeat and a kind of fast tempo so that it would be catchy for the the person who is listening. The time signature was also apart of the decision to make the tempo faster because the time signature takes a big part of that. I chose the flute and the piano as the two instruments because I think that the two sound very interesting together. Also I understand the flute the most out of all the instruments since I play it so that is why I chose it.

Criteria D:

My Feedback for myself:
What I like most about my composition is that the song is very cheery and its catchy which are types of songs that I enjoy listening to. The rhythm sometimes repeats which adds on to the effect of repetition. Something that I think that I could have done better is that there should be a more new notes to the bars, maybe try a new rhythm in the middle of the composition so that the whole music does not get boring. Overall I am very proud of my piece.

Feedback from others:
I really like all of the different rhythms, and it flows very well. The notes and the chords all match, giving it a very nice sound. I also really like the tempo, as it is not really fast, and not too slow. Especially in bar 14 and 15 when there are a few rests, giving it a less upbeat feel. As it gives the song more of a storyline, and makes it less repetitive. Although you repeat a couple of rhythms a lot which sometimes may get a little repetitive. Something I would change would be in bar 3 and 4 where there are only quarter notes, as it feels like it’s missing something, and could be more interesting.

I like how you have a similar rhythms which makes your song flow and sound good, all of you notes also match each other in every bar which makes it sound complete. I also like how you used a variety of different notes with different beats as well as different rhythms because it adds another level to the song so it doesn’t sound flat even though different notes are used. I also like how you made your ending note finish on the tonic but I feel like your song should also start on the tonic instead of on F. The last thing is that I think you should add something to bar 3,4 (like what Leila said) as well as 6,7 because it seems boring compared to the other bars. Otherwise good job 🙂

I really like how you included lots of rests and made the piano play notes while the flute had rests. All of your chords are very good and not too repetitive. Something I would change would be the second to last not in bar 16 of the base line. It does not fit with the chord or the note that the flute is playing. This causes the end of the song to sound weird and kind of ruins the niceness of the rest of the song. The tone of your song is very clear and it is very nice to see you being creative with the rhythms. Overall I really enjoyed it 🙂

My feedback for others: