Take a Photo Tell a Story (HomeWork)
I love to do gymnastics. I started gymnastics classes last year, I started gymnasics because I thought I should try something new than tennis and swimming and ballet. I quit ballet and started doing gymnastics for fun. My sisters and my parents were telling me to start gymnastics classes but I didnt think I should start yet. But after a few years I found out my best friend were at Sounth Isand School gymnastics. I decided to join them, I am still doing gymnastics there with my friends.This is connected to me because this is my story and its about me.


Welcome To My Own And Special Blog


In my blog I will be posting all the stuff I learn in Grade 5c.

Here some things that u need to know about me

1. Gymnastics is my life

2. I have just started at this school. (CDNIS)

3. I have 5 people in my family.

4. One of my sisters are in Grade 9 and my oldest sister is in the university.

5. I love to eat all kinds of sweets.

6. I love to play with electronics.

7. I like to play games with my family. 

8. I love to make stuff explode.

9. All my friends are awesome!

10. I have been to one school before this school. It was HKA.