Blues Composition Unit Reflection

All the responses I have received from my classmates are very useful for next time I make a sheet of music. I have gotten lots of people who are saying that I don’t need to change anything and people saying that I need to change small things. I am happy for the feedback I received and I think that with this feedback I can prove that I have done well this unit. This unit has actually been very fun, I have never done this before and especially not bluesy music. I am very happy on how my solo turned out. During this unit I have asked Mr. O’Toole for help and with that help I have¬†improved my techniques in writing music. Overall, everything this unit has been a blast, I have been through ups and downs but in the end, everything as worth it. I hope I get to do this again in the future.


Blues Solo Summative

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.09.18 pm

This is my new and improved solo, I used the feedback Aiden, Grace and Nicola gave me to produce a better solo. They told me to make some notes longer, and that the last note should sound more finished. I looked around a bit and changed a few notes. In my draft solo some notes just did not fit together, for instance; there was an E flat in the 6th measure and did not sound like it connected with the piece of music. I changed this into a D half note because I thought it sounded more jazzy and flowed well. Now that I have fixed up my solo a little bit, I think it sounds really good! Next time, I think I should practice more on playing my solo because than I would know if I could play it or not. That would also be putting some easier notes that I could play. I am very proud of this piece of music and I hope you like it too!

Match Me If You Can

Match Me If You Can Mette 7B


Today we learned how to use Finale Notepad. This program is used for making sheets of music. Our job was to copy a sheet of music and we had to do it on Finale. This was quite challenging in the beginning but after a while I got the hang of it and finished. This was very interesting because I have never done this before and I would like to maybe make my own sheet of music in the future.