16 Bar Melody & Chord Progression – Summative

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Criteria C:
Before I began my composition I decided that I wanted the rhythm to be upbeat and a kind of fast tempo so that it would be catchy for the the person who is listening. The time signature was also apart of the decision to make the tempo faster because the time signature takes a big part of that. I chose the flute and the piano as the two instruments because I think that the two sound very interesting together. Also I understand the flute the most out of all the instruments since I play it so that is why I chose it.

Criteria D:

My Feedback for myself:
What I like most about my composition is that the song is very cheery and its catchy which are types of songs that I enjoy listening to. The rhythm sometimes repeats which adds on to the effect of repetition. Something that I think that I could have done better is that there should be a more new notes to the bars, maybe try a new rhythm in the middle of the composition so that the whole music does not get boring. Overall I am very proud of my piece.

Feedback from others:
I really like all of the different rhythms, and it flows very well. The notes and the chords all match, giving it a very nice sound. I also really like the tempo, as it is not really fast, and not too slow. Especially in bar 14 and 15 when there are a few rests, giving it a less upbeat feel. As it gives the song more of a storyline, and makes it less repetitive. Although you repeat a couple of rhythms a lot which sometimes may get a little repetitive. Something I would change would be in bar 3 and 4 where there are only quarter notes, as it feels like it’s missing something, and could be more interesting.

I like how you have a similar rhythms which makes your song flow and sound good, all of you notes also match each other in every bar which makes it sound complete. I also like how you used a variety of different notes with different beats as well as different rhythms because it adds another level to the song so it doesn’t sound flat even though different notes are used. I also like how you made your ending note finish on the tonic but I feel like your song should also start on the tonic instead of on F. The last thing is that I think you should add something to bar 3,4 (like what Leila said) as well as 6,7 because it seems boring compared to the other bars. Otherwise good job 🙂

I really like how you included lots of rests and made the piano play notes while the flute had rests. All of your chords are very good and not too repetitive. Something I would change would be the second to last not in bar 16 of the base line. It does not fit with the chord or the note that the flute is playing. This causes the end of the song to sound weird and kind of ruins the niceness of the rest of the song. The tone of your song is very clear and it is very nice to see you being creative with the rhythms. Overall I really enjoyed it 🙂

My feedback for others:


Crit D – Line 104 Responding

1. Discuss your rehearsal process from when you practiced the song for the first time until recording it. (Consider the following: With what frequency did you practice? How many minutes did you practice each time? Did you play through beginning to end or isolate parts of the song? Did you practice at different tempos? etc. )
When I first practiced this song ever, I thought that it would probably take a while for me to get used to it and play it perfectly. Now after the recording I think that I could have still done better, for example sometimes I went a little too quick and went a little off when playing with the metronome, and my breathing definitely was one of the huge struggles. In this song I have to play long notes and it makes me very tired and in some of the notes where I have to hold it, you can hear I bit of shakiness. When I practiced this song before recording I felt like I could not get it perfectly because I kind of wanted the pressure on me so I could feel like I wad recording. So I decided that I would make multiple recordings, and I would save all of the ones that I thought were decent, showed it to a friend, and see what they thought. This helped me because then I got someone to tell me my mistakes and what was not noticeable etc. I practiced a lot because every time I recorded and did something wrong I wanted to correct that mistake and try to at least come close to perfect. Practicing for me was mostly playing the song over and over again because there wasn’t a specific part in the song that I messed up, it was mostly my breathing. To try and fix this mistake I played the song with less breath but I then realised that was even more difficult because the computer did not hear me.

2. Was this assessment more challenging than you expected, at an appropriate level for you, or too easy?
I don’t think that this assessment was specifically difficult because I did play my best in class, so I believed that I could do it which then helped me with my self confidence. I think that this overall was an “appropriate level” for me because it did not make me stressed and it did not make me tell myself that I could not do it because I HAD practiced at home and I HAD done my best in class. 

3. What did you learn about the rehearsal process?
I learned that when rehearsing you need to believe in yourself to achieve. It is weird to think that way and it is quite cliche but it is true. Also I learned that to perfect the controlling of breathing you need to practice, this included holding notes etc.

4. Were you satisfied with your performance? Why or why not?
I was satisfied with my performance because I practiced hard and I tried to do my best at all times. I did not give up but I kept trying which is mostly why I was satisfied. I believe I did well also because I played my notes correctly and I slurred when I needed to etc.

5. What did you learn about yourself as a developing musician?
I learned that to be a musician you need to practice your breathing depending on the instrument you play. When you practice your breathing you need to try to hold your notes for as long as possible, this includes to blow with a little air at a time. This helped me when I had trouble with my breathing.

Canadian Railroad Trilogy

Canadian Railroad Trilogy


Listen to Gordon Lightfoot’s Canadian Railroad Trilogy. Here are the lyrics.


Answer the questions in full sentences, giving support and justification for your ideas.

Briefly explain these four terms:


Navvy: “a shorter form of navigator (UK) or navigational engineer (US), is particularly applied to describe the manual labourers working on major civil engineering projects and occasionally (in North America) to refer to mechanical shovels and earth moving machinery.”
Muskeg: “a swamp or bog in northern North America.”
Prairie: “a large open area of grassland, especially in North America”
Bunkhouse: “a building offering basic sleeping accommodation for workers.”


Use this article to help answer these questions;


  1. When did Lightfoot compose this song and for what reason?

This song was commissioned from Lightfoot by the CBC for a special broadcast on January 1, 1967, to start Canada’s Centennial year.


  1. Identify the region(s) of Canada that this song celebrates.

“Across this mighty land

From the eastern shore

To the western strand”


  1. Analyse what makes this a successful example of Canadian folk music. Why do Canadians Identify with this song?

“describes the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway.”


  1. Listen to the song again. Describe what you hear in relation to each element of music. If changes occur use precise timing when discussing. Since this is a Trilogy of songs you may have multiple answers for each element.


Elements of Music Table
Melody There isn’t any repetition in the song.
Harmony There isn’t a specific pattern in the song.
Texture Homophony: played by one person, one voice accompanying lines
Rhythm The tempo changes throughout the song so the rhythm is quite differnt during the song.
Tempo “with a slow tempo section in the middle and faster paced sections at the beginning and end”
Dynamics Varies throughout the entire song
Form Isn’t a pattern in the song
Instrumentation A guitar
Timbre 1 / 2 A soft voice and sometimes it is hard to hear what he is singing
Context To describe the canadian railway.


End of Year Reflection

Theory Test
Today we got our theory tests back from last week and we had to mark them ourselves. I think I did much better than I did last time. Last time I got a 4, and this time I got a 6. I think I did much better this time because I understood what I was doing, I also studied much more for the test. I think I have improves lots more and I am very proud of myself. Next time, I need to work on adding up the notes and finding out what they are all together, that was the only thing I really needed to work on.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.33.12 am Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.33.21 am

Playing Test
Today we had our playing test. I think I did a good job if I were to be honest. I did mess up a few times and I may have gone a little too quick but overall I did a quite average job. I am expecting my grade to be a 6 which I will be happy for. I practiced this solo many times and through those practices I may have been mad but the times that I actually played it correctly (which is not very often) I was very happy. Honestly, I could have done better but I am still very proud of myself. Next time I do this type of thing I will improve on sticking to the beat that I have chosen and make sure I get my fingering right.

WHOLE Year Reflection
This year has flown by so quickly and I believe I have done really well in music. I have practiced and gotten better at playing the flute, the last summative probably shows that. I have been a risk taker and tried different notes and practicing songs on the internet so that I can develop my music skills. I have also been a reflector because I have reflected on most of my summatives on my portfolio in description. Overall, I have enjoyed music and playing the flute. Next year I will defiantly still play the flute.

Blues Composition Unit Reflection

All the responses I have received from my classmates are very useful for next time I make a sheet of music. I have gotten lots of people who are saying that I don’t need to change anything and people saying that I need to change small things. I am happy for the feedback I received and I think that with this feedback I can prove that I have done well this unit. This unit has actually been very fun, I have never done this before and especially not bluesy music. I am very happy on how my solo turned out. During this unit I have asked Mr. O’Toole for help and with that help I have improved my techniques in writing music. Overall, everything this unit has been a blast, I have been through ups and downs but in the end, everything as worth it. I hope I get to do this again in the future.


Blues Solo Summative

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.09.18 pm

This is my new and improved solo, I used the feedback Aiden, Grace and Nicola gave me to produce a better solo. They told me to make some notes longer, and that the last note should sound more finished. I looked around a bit and changed a few notes. In my draft solo some notes just did not fit together, for instance; there was an E flat in the 6th measure and did not sound like it connected with the piece of music. I changed this into a D half note because I thought it sounded more jazzy and flowed well. Now that I have fixed up my solo a little bit, I think it sounds really good! Next time, I think I should practice more on playing my solo because than I would know if I could play it or not. That would also be putting some easier notes that I could play. I am very proud of this piece of music and I hope you like it too!

Match Me If You Can

Match Me If You Can Mette 7B


Today we learned how to use Finale Notepad. This program is used for making sheets of music. Our job was to copy a sheet of music and we had to do it on Finale. This was quite challenging in the beginning but after a while I got the hang of it and finished. This was very interesting because I have never done this before and I would like to maybe make my own sheet of music in the future.