Service As Action

1. How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth?
I became more aware of my own strengths and areas for growth through community service in Brunei when we went to a disabled school and played games with the kids there. We also learned how they take care of the children there and help them overcome their challenges. As the activities began I was shy but as I talked to the students I realized that being confident will make everyone happy and even myself.

2. How did you undertake challenges that developed new skills?
I learned that when playing games with the kids, I am shy in the beginning and don’t really know how to make everyone feel included in all the games. But after a while when I see all the kids having fun, I feel confident and let myself help the others feel more confident too. I developed social skills that will definitely help me in the future when I find myself in situations that I am notĀ familiar with.

3. How did you discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities?
When it was time for us to plan the different games we would play with the kids, we created groups and thought of different games we could play, dances or songs we could sing to that anyone can be a part of.

4. How did you persevere in action?
Since the kids were disabled and none of us had really hung out with someone in that circumstance before, we had to persevere andĀ think of activities that they could understand and have fun doing. We decided to bring a speaker and play song songs, we played musical statues, red robin, etc. The kids had so much fun which made us as instructors very happy.

5. How did you work collaboratively with others?
I worked collaboratively with others when creating activities we could do with the kids and when we did these activities with the kids later on. As we went through struggles with coming up with games and making sure each kid was engaged in our activities, we all worked together and persevered through the challenges. Each of the kids all told us that they had a lot of fun and that made us really happy because it showed that we really did try and hopefully made their day a little better.

6. How did you develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism, and intercultural understanding?
I developed international-mindedness by using an intercultural understanding and global engagement when learning about the struggles each of the kids go through on a day to day basis. They learn slower and do everything slower but I learned that I need to think more about the people who have struggles and remember how lucky I am to be in the position I am in.

7. How did you consider the ethical implications of your actions?
I considered the ethical implications of my actions by deciding what activities to do that could make the kids feel appreciated and happy throughout the games. We wanted to make sure each person gets to have a chance and make sure everyone got what they wanted (f. eg one person wanted to play a specific song on the speaker etc).

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