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In this design unit, our task is to create an educational app for a client of our choice. This app should be created within the mind of the client and it should also almost be entirely their ‘idea’.

Through my research I have found a lot of aspects that I will have to have in mind while I create my app. In a nut shell, I need to have my app look aesthetically pleasing, make sure it is stable and fast, it should survive in most extreme conditions, it should know it’s audience and be helpful etc.

The first thing a person does before downloading an app is seeing the icon that the app represents, obviously if it did not look aesthetically pleasing then no one would want to buy it. Also when the person opens the app, there should not be a clash of colours or a messy look because that would make that person delete the app no matter how good it might work. If the app looks aesthetically pleasing then the next thing a person would look for is if it is fast and follows all of their commands. The app should definitely not crash every time the person clicks a button. This then connects to seeing if the app can survive in extreme conditions, these conditions include clicking all of the buttons at the same time and maybe even turning on airplane mode and seeing what happens. If the app crashes every single time it means that the app needs fixing but if nothing unwanted happens then the app is perfect! Lastly, a great app should be able to know it’s users, what I mean by this is that the app needs to be unique, it should be something new that the user has not seen before. The app should be helpful and meet the user’s specific needs. A great app is an app you would want to use every day.

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  1. I like how you have summarised the design brief very well, it covers pretty much all of the research and requirements. I like your point on aesthetics because the truth is if your logo is not good people won’t buy it. I wish your design brief was more concise though. What if you said more about how it would help you create an app for your client. 🙂

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