Waste Not, Want Not

Photo on 28-2-2017 at 10.14 AM iPad_Pro_Box_Wide

(I don’t have a photo of the iPad box deconstructed but this is basically what it looked like)

In my investigation and research, I found out that when making a box I should focus on the sturdiness first. This is the most important factor because if there would be a situation when you had to ship your package, the package has to survive the trip. It is therefore important for the box to be secure and not break on the way. If the material used is thick and difficult to break then it means that it is a good enough material to use. When investigating the iPad pro box, something I learned was that Apple uses a lot of cardboard for their iPad pro boxes, I found this out by calculating the surface area of the box. The reason why this effects the environment is because of the large amount of materials wasted for a package that will only be used once. What the Apple company could do when transporting their boxes to the iPad pro factory is to take of the lid, turn it and put it inside the base. That way the amount of wasted space is reduced to a minimum and more empty boxes can fit into a vehicle when stacked, than if the boxes were transported with the lid on. This is clever because it reduces the environmental footprint because you will only need a small truck compared to if you had the lid on top.

2 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not”

  1. 1. I really liked how you elaborated a lot on the environmental side to the ipad pro packaging and what further steps could be taken
    2. I wish you talked more about how this is going to help you to make your box and also talk more about other points
    3. What if you showed a photo of the dissected box so it is easier for the audience to visualise what you are going on about (I know we forgot to take a picture^)
    Steph <3

  2. I like how you went into lots of detail about what apple could do to reduce their carbon footprint. I wish you could have gone into more detail about other stuff not just strong and sturdy. What if you had included some of the measurements the apple people could have done?

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