Blues Solo Summative

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This is my new and improved solo, I used the feedback Aiden, Grace and Nicola gave me to produce a better solo. They told me to make some notes longer, and that the last note should sound more finished. I looked around a bit and changed a few notes. In my draft solo some notes just did not fit together, for instance; there was an E flat in the 6th measure and did not sound like it connected with the piece of music. I changed this into a D half note because I thought it sounded more jazzy and flowed well. Now that I have fixed up my solo a little bit, I think it sounds really good! Next time, I think I should practice more on playing my solo because than I would know if I could play it or not. That would also be putting some easier notes that I could play. I am very proud of this piece of music and I hope you like it too!

10 thoughts on “Blues Solo Summative”

  1. Hi Mette,
    I really like your solo although you could add some more rests to jazz it up a bit. I think the rhythm is really good and it fits the blues really well.

    I like it.
    From, Kelsey

  2. Mette,
    I think your solo has good rhythm and you used a variety of different notes; both high and low. One thing you could have added to your solo is more structure (you can do this by repeating a few bars), this can make the solo catchier. Overall, this is a great solo!

  3. Hiya child,

    I think that your solo is simple, yet extremely catchy. I think you have done a fabbbbb job of adding in the blues scale, and that as a result of that, your solo is really good!!

  4. Good job, your solo really flows and you used lots of different patterns. Next time you should add more variety to your notes and maybe some rests just to spice it up. Overall good solo.

  5. Hi Mette,

    I like the way you have changed your solo because it makes it more catchy! Like Ethan said, Maybe you could play around with the lower notes. I really like it though, very good!

  6. Nice job Mette,

    Your solo sounds very bluesy and I like how you used the chords we learnt in class and also notes from the blues scale. I particularly liked the last line. Every thing sounds great, but it looks very hard to play!

  7. Mette,
    I think this is a great solo and I think the changes you made to it make it even better! I think that one thing you could have changed is to make the notes a bit more bluesy to make it sound a bit more like a blues song. But overall I think it a great solo, good job!
    – Aiden

  8. I really like your solo, because you used many different rhythms. I think that you could play around with the low notes a bit more instead of just the high notes(like the first bar). Overall I think your solo is really good and catchy.

    1. Mette,

      Your solo is awesome! It uses a wide range of notes, both from the blues scale and from the chords. It also has a good ending, and the music blends with the piano piece. It sounds super bluesy!


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