How We Organize Ourselves – Process journal

Welcome to my digital process journal!!! this is where I will be putting my information for this unit!!!


Central Idea:

Public spaces provide people with opportunities to make connections and establish a sense of community.


Lines of inquiry:

  • Different types of public spaces within a community
  • How public spaces are designed to meet a purpose
  • How people use public spaces to connect



  • Self-management skills: Organisation and time management
  • Research skills
  • Thinking skills: Analysis and evaluation


PYP Attitudes:

  • Creativity
  • Confidence


Learner Profile:

  • Thinker
  • Communicator



  • choose
  • Act
  • Reflect



  • Connection
  • Function
  • Form


Here are some links to websites about public spaces:

  1. American planning association 
  2. Project for public spaces
  3. Hong Kong public space initiative
  4. Designing Hong Kong

Breaking down the Central Idea                                                                            3/12/14


Central Idea: Public spaces provide people with opportunities to make connections and establish a sense of community.

Photo on 3-12-14 at 5.39 pm

So today I made a mind map that shows my understanding of this unit. (tip: click on the photo to see it better)


Mr. Paul Zimmerman’s speech about public spaces

Today Mr. Paul Zimmerman came to the school to talk to us about public spaces in hong kong. My class unfortunately couldn’t make it becuase of swimming lessons, but some people from class 6C came and told use a retell of what he said to them.

what we learned from the presentation is different types of public spaces and what makes a good public space, for example for a public space to be good you need to have at least 10 places/ destricts, 10 things to do, an historical highlight so that people WANT to come, it also needs to be convenient, walkable etc. I also learned that “making” a public space isn’t easy because you need to have enough things to do and everything/ everybody should have “freedom” instead of feeling like your trapped into a small room.


Burning unit questions!                                                                                                                                                4/12/14

here are some questions that I am DYING to ask:

  1. What do people REALLY want in a public space and if the public space have these aspects would they go to the space?
  2. why do people make public spaces? and are most of them made by the government?
  3. How many people actually go to their nearest public space mostly everyday?


Public spaces Picture report                                                                          09/12/14

So a few days ago few friends and I did this thing where we had to take pictures of a public space in the school and we were in a group of three. Helen, Zoe and I. Out of the choices we had of the school “public spaces” we chose the 3rd floor atrium. At the atrium we took some notes and pictures for the photo report. over all I am pretty proud of the end product because we did our best and added a lot of detail (as much as we could).

Link to the google doc : 3rd floor atrium photo report 

What makes a good public space?                                                                     10/12/14

a few days a go I made a graphic organiser that explain the question “what makes a good public space?” I had 3 main ideas: Sociability, Accessibility and environment+ facilities. I also colour coded it by using pink showing a new idea, pencil showing the new idea and using purple showing extra little ideas. overall I think that I showed my understanding pretty well, because I thought about it a lot and put down what I think would make a good public space. Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 2.00.37 pm


 Review on the unit                                              19/12/14

The unit is finally over!! personally I feel like I’ve grown as a learner. I now know how important public spaces are, before I felt like public parks and other public spaces where just useless and should be used to make more buildings and more playgrounds. so overall I learned a lot. I also thought that I did pretty well in my summative because of the time limit I had to rush to finish and had a lot of pressure put onto me because of other homework as well. but since the unit is over I am grateful that I learned about this and now my understanding of public spaces has increased.


Summative assessment                                           08/01/14

for my summative assessment I chose to make a model of a public space that I am designing. I decided to make a public space where you can paint the  floor of the park so in the end it looks like a mini art gallery. I made my model out of cardboard, paint, clay and glue I also used other materials but they aren’t that important to list. After everyone finished we all shared our project to our table and explained it use and why we are making this. i also had to self assess my work, so click this to see the marking rubric and a little comment I made. overall I think that my model made sense and had a message to go with it.

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