Service as action Update #1

So far for my service as action, I have been sending out emails to organizations and teachers so that I can start researching about the local school system, understanding it more, making sure that I know the different economic status of each family in these different schools. Doing this will also help me have different options I have in which school to choose to give these boxes to. I have also been starting to put together my proposal for the campaign form so that I can make sure I can set up my collection boxes. I hope to finish this by the end of the school year so that I can ensure a spot for my collection drive, and during the summer I won’t have to worry about sending a form in and not having the chance to during the summer.

Things I am struggling with:

I am struggling with sending emails, as some organizations aren’t replying to my emails which is the difficult part of this process, I will need to start emailing more people so that I can broaden my choices of which organization I will want to work with. I am doing good with the time schedule, as I have a few more weeks before summer which will allow me to have enough time to choose an organization and choose a school.