December tests


Just a few minutes ago I finished doing my theory test for music, in the end I had gotten a 5/8 to be honest I am happy but disappointed and I know that I could’ve done better if I were to just look at the question and my final answers more closely. In order for me to achieve a higher grade, I will try to understand the test tasks way before the actual tests, because then I know what they all mean instead of struggling during the test. I have given myself a goal grade for my next music test, which is a playing test, and that is a 7.



Today was the day that I did my playing test for the last assessment of music for this year. I am pretty happy with how I played, I practiced a lot before the test and all of the time spent practicing did help me in the end.



My end score is 8/8 I am really happy with my grade. I think next time I could try to make the notes more connected better, because I could hear my flute going to a higher note rather than a lower note, but that only happened to me once while playing the music.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 6.03.24 pm Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 6.03.31 pm