How to Care for your Instruments presentation (Flute) My Reflection

Click here to see my groups Presentation

Today my group (Renee, Kylie and I) presented our presentation about how to care for our Flute. In my opinion I think that my groups presentation slides had enough information and we used good sources, but the one thing I would’ve wanted us to improve on is our presenting skills, because I thought that we were really quite and were all were squished up to the computer and reading off of it. I also think that even though the whole presentation was good I think that we should’ve included about how our instrument affects the world, because that tells us that our instrument doesn’t just appear and not have an affect on the world, and I would’ve been interesting to research about that. I also think that we should’ve practiced everything before we actually presented just so that we would’ve known who was going and what was going to happen, instead of just making the presentation and on the day of the presentation say “it’s your turn” or “go”. If we had practiced we would’ve been more fluid and people could probably understand and hear us better.


After getting my results of the assignment I now know the things that we would’ve changed and made better. I don’t think there is anything else I would’ve wanted to change or add from the list of ideas I wrote above.

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