From monday to wednesday ( Monday November 17-  Wednesday November 19) I participated in a organisation called ista/ISTA which means: international school theatre association. In these three days we did a lot of activities such as drama, games and performances. I think that the highlight was when we performed in front of the parents, because we all got to see what we all did in the past few days and also for the parents to see what we learned/ did during ista. before we performed we all where in different groups for me I had Carl, In my opinion Carl was nice and calm he also encouraged us and not make us feel bad about ourselves, also he had a lot of great games and drama related activities that were great to learn about and to do. I also think that ista is a great way to know other people and to communicate with others and make different friends and be around different people. ista did make me more confident when performing and not to be to shy when I speak and all the activities helped me become more reliable of people and not to discourage them    IMG_2809 IMG_0847