Syrian refugees – Day 4 How you can help

HI everyone! so today is the last blog post about this subject (maybe) 🙁  todays blog post is about how YOU can help people in the refugee camps.



1. You can help by raising awareness to people. different ways you can raise awareness: Posters, social media (like blogs, twitter, instagram, mail, speeches, songs ETC.


2. Another way you can raise awareness is you can raise money and send the money to an organisation that you know will give the money to the refugees. you can make money by: selling cookies, cupcakes, lemonade (on a hot summer day would be great!), brownies ETC.


3. The last but not least way you can help is…….. simply just donating old clothes and toys that you don’t want to keep anymore to the kids and adults so that they have some nice clothes to wear and the kids have toys to play with.


Please feel free to leave a comment or a question you have in mind and I will try to do my best to answer your question or comment as soon as possible.

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