Syrian Refugees – Day 3 Basic Needs


On January 2014, the UN estimated that there were more than 9 million syrians that needed immediate help. About 6.5 million Syrians are displaced within their own country. Because of the continuous fighting, many syrians are being displaced, and don’t have access to the basic needs. usually these families have to leave in such a short notice and leave with less than the clothes that they are wearing and have no shelter, food, clean water, heat, medical services and employment. One out of every three water treatment plants in syria have been destroyed.


In every post that I have done on the is I have said that everyone has the right to to things that they need to survive and have the same rights as I have and YOU have. This is one of the most important issues that is happening in the world, so what I want YOU to do is to take action tell everybody you know and tell them about this issue and tell them to spread the word and make people be aware that not everybody is as lucky as they are so raising awareness will make people know to treat their belongings more better.


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