Syrian Refugee – Day 1 Education

42% of people in Syria out of the population of 21.9 Million are under the age of 18. In Syria 2.8 million children are out of school and without another year of school means that the kids won’t be properly educated, and Lebanon is planning for more than 600,00 school children for this year, which is twice the number as right now. 500,000 Syrian refugee children are out of school, and  60,000 Syrian children in Jordan are too far behind in their studies to enroll in a public school system.



I feel like no matter what children all around the world should be allowed to have a proper education and have access to fulfil their dreams, and to be treated equally like ME and YOU.



if you have a question or something to tell me feel free to give me a comment! and you can tell me your opinion about this problem in Syria.

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