Needs, Wants and rights

Hi guys, so today in class I was in a group with my friends Leia and Aria, and our topic was Needs, wants and rights. What we had to do was we had a google doc to separate the things that we need and what we want to survive. Then after we had a thin and long sheet of paper  and we had to write this sentence: In order to lead a Heathy, Happy, Safe and free life, Humans need..  After we wrote that we made a scale and then we had written on one  side Critical so like all of the things that we need to have to survive and on the other side we wrote Luxury so we put things on this side we wrote things that we don’t really need to survive.

What do you think that everybody has a right to?

I think that everybody has a right to be able to do what they want to do in there life, and people should have the right to have food and water in their life so that they can survive.



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